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What is Travel Insurance?

The insurance plan that provides you financial protection against uncertainties while travelling is termed as travel insurance. It provides coverage to you in order to make your travel, whether it is for professional reasons or leisurely fun, a peaceful and an enjoyable one.

The plan provides coverage in form of health cover when medical emergencies arise, liability protection if someone sues against you owing to any damage or injury while making journey or at the destination, recovery of stolen or misplaced items or arrangement of the new ones that are important for you while travelling. Along with the above-mentioned events it generally provides coverage for personal accident, loss of passport, trip delay or cancellation, curtailment of trip, missed flights, baggage loss or theft and many other things to mention.

Travel insurance is recommended while you make national or international journey. Many countries have made it a law for tourists that they need to have travel insurance as well as health cover.

Types of Travel Insurance?

Single trip travel insurance: As the name says, the plan provides coverage only for a single trip and for that duration. You can get coverage for approximately six months and premium amount charged would depend upon the duration of travel, place you are travelling to, your age and activities you are going to undertake there, along with the general coverage.

Multi-trip travel insurance: This kind of plan is apt for those who travel frequently. By having multi-trip travel insurance they do not have to worry about buying the coverage again and again. A number of trips are covered that are made during the period of one year. Though the coverage is provided in a comprehensive way, its premium depends upon the types of places you travel.

Student travel insurance: This plan should be bought by every person who is travelling abroad to pursue higher studies. This plan provides protection against every kind of unforeseen event that may arise while the person is studying abroad, for the entire duration.

Corporate travel insurance: This kind of plan is specifically made for those who travel for professional reasons. It provides general coverage at an economic rate as the protection is availed by a group of employees or provided by the employer.

Family travel insurance: The plan provides comprehensive coverage to the entire family for the trip to be made. It is bought when the family is travelling in India or abroad. The premium may vary due to the destination places chosen as well as due to the sports activities to be undertaken there.

Senior citizen travel insurance: The plan is made for senior citizens and therefore it covers unexpected events and emergencies a senior citizen may have to face. Generally it provides protection to people in the age-group of 61 to 70 years. The plan provides health coverage on the basis of medical check-up.

Benefits of travel insurance

• Travel insurance provides health coverage and covers medical emergencies.

• It protects you against third-party liabilities for the injury caused or damage to them.

• It provides coverage against stolen or misplaced personal belongings like luggage, passport, important documents etc.

• It provides financial protection against missed flights, curtailment of trips, cancellation as well as delay in trips.

• Through travel insurance plan you can avail cashless treatment.

• It also assists you in emergency evacuation.

• You get personal accident cover

• Coverage for injuries caused during the sports or games undertaken at the destination.

• Flexibility to choose single trip or multi-trip cover

• You get option to choose hijack relief cover as well as cover against the risk of terrorist attack

Points to remember while buying travel insurance plan

• Choose the plan that provides comprehensive coverage against loss of credit cards, passport and personal belongings needed while travelling.

• Choose the plan that provides at least some health coverage. If pregnant lady, senior citizen or aged person is travelling, ensure he/she is medically covered. Also do get the medical check-up done before travelling. The plan should cover the illnesses that occur due to changes in weather or due to different altitude.

• It should cover losses due to cancellation and/or delay of trips.

• Do get covered for personal accident in case you will go for adventurous activities at the destination.

• Choose the add-ons like car rental if you will be driving. Along with this, you should also have car insurance policy at place.

Travel insurance is assurance of protection in case something untoward happens while you are travelling and are away from home or home country. Any kind of trip whether it is for pleasure, for business purpose or anything else, can be ruined with unexpected instances. A planned trip can be easily hampered simply by loss of passport, luggage, debit/credit card etc. Even the trips get cancelled due to various reasons. Sometimes medical emergencies or accidents come in the way. Travel insurance provides assistance and helps you to sail through almost every kind of complication that may arise while you are on the go.

It is made mandatory to have travel insurance along with health insurance in some countries. While in some there is no such condition. For instance, you don’t get Schengen Visa if you do not have travel insurance.
Even if it is not made mandatory in some countries, it is for your good that you travel with travel insurance. Situations can get unfavorable anytime and when you are away from your country, many things are not in your control. Travel insurance can save you, support you and assist you in every kind of situation in a legal and a planned manner.

While buying travel insurance policy one should be clear with duration and purpose of trip to be made. For instance, you need to visit the place frequently or just a single trip is to be made, whether you are going for vacations or business purpose, you will be undertaking sports activities or it would just be a stay.
When you are determined with your needs you should ensure that your policy will support you in case you lose luggage, important cards or if any medical emergency arises, some terrorist activity affects your trip, you miss your flight, or you had to cancel it. Find what the coverage is if your stay is extended or if you need to get back before time. Look for the possibilities that can happen while you are taking the journey and choose the plan according to that. Do get covered under health insurance available with travel insurance if you have any pre-existing condition or if aged person or pregnant woman is traveling with you.

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